Life Update & Exciting Announcement…

Well, I started off the year with every intention to write on my blog more…but of course when life gets busy somethings gotta give. And, unfortunately, at those times the first thing to go is my blog.

In my last post back in January I mentioned that were moving abroad to live in Australia (where I’m from). We were so busy for the first few months of 2019 trying to get the house ready to sell, decluttering all our things, and packing everything we wanted to keep up to ship over there. Then, at the beginning of April we left the UK to start our new life in Australia.

And then…fairly soon after that, we found out that I was pregnant with our second baby! We are so excited for another little person to be joining our little family in January 2020. (Note: If you know me or if you follow me on Instagram you have probably already seen our pregnancy announcement and my bump updates, but I wanted to document it over here on my blog as well).

Pregnancy announcement baby #2

I am now in the third trimester (already!). So far, this pregnancy has felt very different to my first in so many ways. For the first few months, I felt nauseous but I have only been physically sick a few times. I feel a LOT more tired this time around, although I think part of the reason for that is the gorgeous little 4-year-old I have to run around after all the time!

When I was pregnant with Elijah, I suffered with SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction) and had to be on crutches for the last 7 weeks of my pregnancy. Early on in my pregnancy this tme around I started doing pilates which has helped me so much, but I am struggling now at almost 29 weeks. I have had a lot more pain for the last 2-3 weeks, so I am trying to rest whenever I can. I’ve been having regular physiotherapy appointments at the hospital too, and they have suggested maybe using crutches on the days I know I am going to be out for a while – like when I have hospital appointments. So I think I will see how I go using crutches for my next day of appointments in 2 weeks time (I have 3 booked in for the same day).

We have decided to wait for a surprise this time around so we don’t know whether our little baby is a boy or a girl yet. I’m finding it much harder to know what to buy for this baby, although we have bought a few neutral things. And I’m holding out till after baby is here to get a few special blankets, wraps and outfits. A lot of people have said they don’t know how we can wait to find out but I think the surprise when this baby is born will be so worth it. And, at the end of the day, after the traumatic time we had after Elijah was born, we will both be over the moon just to have a healthy, happy baby in our arms.

I recently had a fetal echo ultrasound to check baby’s heart and they said that at this stage everything looks good. Of course, they also said that sometimes they can’t see holes if they are small, but reassured us with the knowledge that if this baby has a heart murmur after they are born they will be more than happy to do a scan for us then. They also said that baby is measuring bit small (10th percentile) so I’ve been booked in for a growth scan in around 6 weeks time. All in all, things are going well and we are both very happy. We can’t wait to meet our littlest love and to see Elijah become a big brother.

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