12 Disgusting Things That Babies Do

When you become a parent and you're in that newborn bubble of bliss, it's easy to believe that things are going to be all sunshine and rainbows. Your baby is perfect and adorable in every way, right? But babies can be pretty gross sometimes too - here are 12 disgusting things that babies do:

  1. Poo. I mean big explosive poos - up their back, all over their legs, arms, feet...and you.
  2. Fart in your face.
  3. Puke in their mouth.
  4. Poo in the bath.
  5. Dribble in your hair.
  6. Puke all over themselves and you.
  7. Chew on their feet (what's up with that?!)
  8. Kick their feet into their poopy nappy when they are being changed.
  9. Then puke.
  10. Then pee everywhere.
  11. Then poo in the bath again.
  12. And repeat.


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